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At The Dock, we are committed to improving the educational experience of children and teachers in our community.


We currently support the primary school in San Ignacio where many of the workers that service Sayulita tourism live and send their children to school. Join us this year by donating to our Giving Tree!

2023 School Giving Tree

Thanks to generous donations by YOU in 2022, we were able to start a library for the local primary School and provide other essential school supplies, learning materials, and sports balls! The Principal has shared with us that the kids are ready for new books to read! 

Please join us this year by dropping off school supplies, books, and sports balls at our tree at the restaurant, ordering online through an available Teacher Wishlist and shipping the items to the restaurant, or cash donations that will be used 100% for needed items. 

Order online from the school's AMAZON WISH LIST (linked) and ship The Dock Address: The Dock Sayulita, Calle Pescadores #5, Sayulita, Nayarit 63734 

Image by Nick Fewings


San Ignacio School Library

The Dock was inspired by our inaugural Giving Tree School Supplies drive to help San Ignacio build their library! The Dock  matched all client cash donations 1:1 to buy the first round of books and shelving units. Wanderlust Real Estate and Development partnered with us by donating 1% of commissions from all of Emily's current and future sales.


School Supplies Giving Tree

Many of the workers who service the hotels, taxis, tours, and restaurants that visitors enjoy on their Sayulita vacation, call San Ignacio home. Our education beneficiary is Escuela Ignacio Manuel Altamirano in San Ignacio, 3 minutes South of Sayulita. The school services 300 children.

To give you an idea of the lack of funding for the school, the students' parents had to come together to pay for and build the bathrooms. 

They are in need of basic supplies and materials to run an engaging school and we hope this year's Giving Tree can help alleviate this shortage!

When you donate, please come by The Dock to take home a hand-made ornament by one of the students!

Sayulita Life partnered with us to help get the word out about our school supplies drive!

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