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School Supplies for our 

under-resourced school

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San Ignacio School Supplies

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The Dock Restaurant
#5 Pescadores
Sayulita, Nayarit



At The Dock, we recognize that communities progress through collaboration and cooperation.

We are committed to facilitating resource sharing that advances education and upskilling in the under-resourced communities around us.

Many of the workers who service the hotels, taxis, tours, and restaurants that visitors enjoy on their Sayulita vacation, call San Ignacio home. Our education beneficiary is Escuela Ignacio Manuel Altamirano in San Ignacio, 3 minutes South of Sayulita. The school services 300 children.

To give you an idea of the lack of funding for the school, the students' parents had to come together to pay for and build the bathrooms.


They are in need of basic supplies and materials to run an engaging school and we hope this year's Giving Tree can help alleviate this shortage!

When you donate, please come by The Dock to take home a hand-made ornament by one of the students!


Join us for this Season's Project!

Please join us this December and January in donating much needed school supplies for the primary and secondary school! We received wish lists directly from the teachers and principal of the school.

  1. Drop off your gift at our tree At The Dock OR Visit our Wish List

  2. Add to your cart what you would like to gift

  3. Check-out with your personal billing information (including your billing address)

  4. Shipping Address: Insert The Dock's Address for the Shipping Address of the item: 

The Dock Restaurant

Pescadores #5 

Sayulita, Bahia de Banderas

Nayarit, Mexico 63734


When the teachers involved their students in building their wish lists, the first graders asked for a "Wishing Fountain". We believe, perhaps other than the fountain, we can come together to provide many of these items.. essential school supplies, items for the school operations and facility, books to build out a library, and play/sport material. Here are some examples below... 

Basic School Supplies

Pencils, pens, white paper, colored paper, paint, glue...the little things are often the most crucial!


School Operations/


Wireless microphone, office chairs, computers, first aid/nurses office items, projector, speakers, organizing containers/boxes, mural paint, donations for soccer field

Learn Through Play

Sports and Play Equipment: Volleyballs, soccer balls, basketballs, parachute, table games


Teaching Materials

Didactic Teaching Materials: Lesson plans, movies, science experiment kits, flashcard series


Books for School Library

Books, in Spanish, or to learn English for ages 2 years old through high school

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